5 Best cPanel Alternatives in 2020

Posted in Webhosting News on Feb 12, 2020


Cpanel & WHM Panel have been the platforms were the server management, Control, Flexibility in operations were at the fingertips. It includes both a user-level interface (cPanel) and a server management interface (WHM). One interface with self Explanatory nature, Revenue Generating Add Ons, Plugins, Third Party Softaculous Licenses.

One weird Drawback of the control panel would be a missing Uninstaller. Yes, "A Cpanel Does not come with an Uninstaller" In case taught of switching over the Cpanel, One and the Only way is to Re-install your server.

One major revolutionary step take-up by the Cpanel and WHM Panel, Despite setting a trend in web hosting Is the Price Hike.

5-Panels recoup Cpanel?

Most popular control panel with graphical User Interface Nature overtaken by the fellow competing panels.

  • VestaCP

  • Plesk

  • Direct Admin

  • Zpanel

  • Kloxo


One of the reliable, User-friendly and effective control panel making the list finely tuned. VestaCp is most compatible with Linux Operating System Interface, Come with an ability to manage High Traffics at the site, Updates automatically, offers DNS Manager, Antivirus, Anti Spam. Moreover, VestaCp Can be integrated with any of the Billing software like WHMCS. While it also installs Nginx out of the box so you can set up different modes of your web page, including cache clearing and hosting.

VestaCp has easy installation Scripts On Comparison to Cpanel installation Scripts


Plesk Is considered to be the most graphically clearly built panel, hence a bit easier to use and compatible with both Windows and Linux distributions. Unlike Cpanel, the Plesk interface is more streamlined and has features grouped in a list down.

Plesk and cPanel have the same primary features for server and account management. Both can be used to configure DNS settings, manage email accounts, run FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and manage databases. Although it is possible to add extra apps to cPanel, Plesk comes with support for more useful apps and extensions at ease. Where Cpanel reduces the number of clicks required for each installation Plesk has kept the number of clicks constant to one (One-Click Installer).


A better and efficient way of managing the server with one of the most power-full panels offering three levels of access Admin, Reseller, User. One interface that can keep up all the server management activities, DirectAdmin stays in-step with today's most sophisticated solutions.

Global trends and clients' feature requests are analyzed continuously and the ideas are brought to practice, yet the panel could not get that popularity as that of Cpanel.


Zpanel is one of the freely available control panel built using Preprocessor Hypertext, There is a number of repositories, each of them are built in order to be compatible with any technique used to build and host a website. Zpanel can be operated on both windows as well as Linux Hosting.

Zpanel is best-suited swift server platform and e-commerce sites, moreover, it also has DIY website builder with more than 200 templates.


This control panel is a perfect recoup for cPanel as the developers have designed a Koloxo interface in such a way that, it twins the c-panel completely. Kloxo integrates with any of the billing cum client management panels like WHMCS, Hostbill, Zoho Assist, UberSmith, PlueWay and AWBS, which is a huge advantage if you use WHMCS or BoxBilling to manage your freelance clients.

Do we really need a control panel?

Technically speaking you can manage a website. But this would sound a bit complex and web developers would rather don’t take the complex measures to manage their web site.

Now the situation of Cpanel has given rise to many questions like will there be anymore hiking? Will be replaced completely? Now that we are clear with some of the alternate panels you can choose your favorite to manage your website and not pay too much for a Cpanel.

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