Powerful backup solutions for VPS

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Selecting a backup solution for VPS is an important aspect.VPS hosting is known for its dedicated resources, hosting features and secured environment. When you are working on virtual environment its important to set security easures on you VPS. VPS should be backed up and secured in such a way that, only a user can have a access to his data. Lets discuss some of the VPS backup solutions.

Backup solutions for VPS Hosting

Selecting a backup solutions for VPS is completely rely on type of application you are using on VPS. On a users  demand we have listed some of the backup strategies and their implementation to suit the operation environment. On users demand, there many backup software and tools are available to restore their files, or to overwrite the files. These backup software and tools will restore data within few minutes, whenever your server or website is down.

Different Levels of backup solutions for VPS Hosting

   File-level Backup solution: 

A popular backup method for VPS, uses normal filesystem level copying tools to transfer files to another location or device. A simplest way to backup linux VPS is, using cp command. Files are copied from one local location to  another. Mount the removable disk and copy the files, then unmount disk to transfer to another location.

An alternate to cp command is use of rsync command. It is a Flexible backup solution for both local backup and  remote backups. These two backup solutions are used commonly. Automatic backup solutions includes use of  backup  tools for quick and effective file transfer. Some Backup tools are listed below.

  • Bacula :  A suitable and Flexible backup solution for Windows VPS hosting. It manages one/multiple backups to multiple/one storage devices. It supports Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac Operating system backup clients.  Bacula performs better on networked environment. It is developed for mainly automatic backups, Data   verification, and data recovery. This tool is popular and provides an enterprise level backup solution.
  • BackupPC : A Free disk-to-disk backup tool, suits with web-based applications. It supports Linux, Unix and Windows Operating system backup clients. When it is installed onto  VPS, It performs as Backup server for VPS. All related packages can be installed on one centralized machine only when a client has access to the backup server SSH. A clients data is Pulled by server, and stored onto Disk.
  • Duplicity : A GPG Encryption based backup tool for Windows VPS. GPG encryption will not backup the files  in plain text. Installed onto VPS, Data decryption can be done using GPG Key. Duplicity avoid file corruption. Its suitable for Remote backup of files. GPG hash checking is done to ensure that there is no data loss during  transfer.

Block-level backups solution : An Imaging backup solution and alternate to file-level backups, simply duplicates and restore the entire devices. It takes deeper level backup of files, considered as  block. Copies entire block at a desired backup location.

Use dd Command for Block level backups:

Block level backup is faster than file level backup. Where in file level backup each file need to initiate new transfer. But in Block level backup, only few files need to initiate transfer to transfer entire block.By using dd command you can perform block level backups. A Flexible software used to copy bit-by-bit information to new location. You can backup a complete disk or partition to a single file.



Consider above backup solutions for VPS and deploy them using best hosting support experts. With managed VPS/servers the basic level backup is provided. For unmanaged VPS users, implementing one of the backup solution is quite challenging.

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