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Five Signs your Web Hosting is holding you back

Posted in Webhosting Tips on Aug 08, 2018


If you are relatively new to the world of Web Hosting, you will be bombarded by advices and tips once you start looking into ways to host your brand new website.Web hosting will be the ideal solution for people and businesses with small websites and limited budgets that didn’t need, or couldn’t afford, a dedicated server.

Here are five signs that will help you to know if your web hosting is hindering your business and if it’s time to move on or upgrade to other hosting solutions.

1. Loading speed of a website

Nowadays, web users are less tolerant to slow loading speeds. A faster loading website usually have more visitors compared to a slower one.

  • As internet connection speeds are increasing, users expect sites to be speedy too. Google prefers to reward fast websites with high ranking positions in search results.
  • For a developer, not only developing a site, although developing a faster site should be the priority.

2. Other users drain your resources

Sometimes your host may add too many users on one server which will lead to draining of resources.This will have a negative effect on the performance of every site that’s hosted on the server.

  • Due to resources sharing between many other website on same server, your web page may often experience laziness accomplished by the request for server resources by other web pages.You may have to face regular server resources restrictions as each and every website on the server utilize the same CPU power, RAM as well as hardware.
  • Having your own private virtual server ensures that you do not share server resources with any other websites.

3. Poor performance during peaks

If your site is getting visitors in big numbers, then it would definately hit the resource limit set by the host, especially at peak times,it can cause customers to abandon their shopping carts and spend their money elsewhere.

4. Bad IP Reputation of your server

If one of the tenants on the server is carrying out inappropriate actions , such as sending spam or hosting malware , then that IP address can get blacklisted.

5. You cannot use the software you want

You do not have the choice over the software or application that you want to use as you cannot use any other software aside from what is provided by the hosting provider.

*Shared hosting server shares its resources amongs all tenants hosted on it , resources include operating system too.Hence you cannot use any other OS on it.

Ultimate Conclusion

It is important to choose a web host that offers a variety of upgradeable plans for the future, such as Web Hosting to VPS or Dedicated hosting plans. If your current web host does not offer a VPS hosting account, we recommend switching to ScopeHosts.Scopehosts, the leading web hosting service provider who is pioneer in Web Hosting & Cloud Hosting Solutions.Scopehosts consistently offers the best opportunity for newbies who want to get started with hosting of their website and also for the enterprises who want to go with a Dedicated server to keep their business on buzz interminably.

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