How Much Should I Pay To Get My Website Online ?

Posted in Webhosting Tips on Sep 26, 2018


How Much Should I Pay To Get My Website Online ?

Increasingly Day by Day many folks decide to get concerned with an online Business, because of the truth that having a Business operated through the internet gives a number of benefits over doing it the conventional manner.

If you want your business website to have an online presence, Web Hosting is very important. Web Hosting plays an vital role in overall performance of your website.

Choosing Web Host is the biggest thing for the Business.Before getting any hosting plan from any hosting provider, You must be clear about your requirements.Once you are clear with all your requirements , a query rushes out immediately to your mind - How much should i expect to pay for a quality web hosting plan / service?

What is Resonable Price for Hosting ?

There are 100's and millions of Web Hosting companies in the industry.The price you would be paying will totally depend on the package you choose.And the biggest confusion lies on how much I should pay for my web hosting need. And what is the cost of hosting services.

Why Hosting Prices Alter From Plan to Plan ?

Hosting prices mainly differs on the following scenarios :

  1. Type of plan you choose
  2. Amount of resources
  3. Extra features
  4. Managed or unmanaged Hosting

SHARED HOSTING - Low-Cost Access to a Bundle of Business Tools

It is the most affordable web hosting service chosen by many of the small business owners, bloggers or individuals wanting to hosting service for personal use.

  • The biggest con of this affordable hosting service is that the sites hosted on the shared server is affected if sites of the other client hosted on same server uses more resources, as this can cause decrease in your website performance.

  • Shared hosting service by Scopehosts starts with just € 1.99.

Virtual Servers - Flexibility to Work Out the Growing Pains

VPS or a Virtual Private Server is most preferred for hosting ecommerce websites because you are guaranteed with dedicated server resources such as RAM, IP, Hard Disk and Bandwidth, that only you have access to.

  • But VPS hosting is bit more expensive when compared to business hosting.

  • ScopeHosts provides VPS on KVM and OpenVZ platforms. Also we provide Managed VPS with 24/7 management support by the VPS geeks.

  • Scopehosts VPS Hosting Servers are located in Multiple locations Netherlands, Germany and Russia.

  • VPS Hosting service buy Scopehosts starts at just € 4.99.

Dedicated Servers - Provide the Most Power and Control Over Your Success

It is the most expensive web hosting service. Large business enterprises mostly prefer dedicated servers as they want to keep their business website up and running unceasingly.

  • With dedicated servers you do not have to share server resources with any of the clients as your server is completely dedicated to you.

  • Scopehosts do provides robust dedicated servers of USA, Germany, Netherlands and Russia dedicated servers.

  • Recently , Scopehosts launched Streaming Servers for buffer-free brodcasting , audio / video streaming , gaming applications hosing with unmetered servers.

  • Dedicated servers at Scopehosts starts at just € 29.99.


Hope this article has given you better idea to choose the most appropriate web hosting service for your business wisely.

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