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Ways to Improve Visitor Engagement Rate

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Aug 02, 2018


Have you ever worried about your Website Visitor Engagement?

Not sure how to attract new customers and Boost visitor engagement on your website?

One of the most critical objectives for digital marketers is to boost visitor engagement rate. For digital marketers, it will chore to drive traffic to a website by organic search or via paid ads as we know the concept of "ENGAGEMENT" has a crucial part in this digital era.

Website Visitor Engagement is an important measure to determine the success and to rank a site. Every website is competing with competitor brands to increase its engagement levels. Studies by Kissmetrics show that 96% of first-time visitors to company websites won’t return. So in this article, we’ll discuss six simple ways to boost Visitor Engagement.

1.Reduce page load time

There is nothing more annoying than a web page that loads slowly. 80% of your traffic will leave your website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load.

  • Websites and web services that load quickly have better engagement and conversation rates. So follow some simple ways that can increase website speed by some simple methods :
    1. Reduce the number of plugins on your site
    2. Compress the images and videos and enable browser caching
    3. Crop down your website by removing unnecessary scripts. To hold visitors on your website make sure that page loading as fast as possible.

2.Internal Linking

Internal linking is a great and safe way to boost your SEO and Website Visitor Engagement.

  • A website with a good linking structure is more user-friendly and performs better in organic search.
  • With the good internal linking structure, you’ll be able to generate more page views with each visitor.

3.Be Mobile-Friendly

What percentage of your website visitors are coming using their mobile devices? Google data reveals that more searches are done on mobile devices compared to desktops.

  • Accessing websites through smartphone and phablets has become trendy. If your website does not support mobile devices or provide an enhanced mobile experience now is the time to make amends.


4.Add a Chat Box

  • Use live chat widget for your website so you can engage with your website visitors regularly, turn them into customers and ultimately gain new loyal fans.
  • Include the name and photo of the tech geek in the Live chat box so that users know they are talking to a real, live person and not just an automated robot.
  • Using Live chat widget on a website is cost-effective, helps increase sales, and provides you with an abundance amount of user data.

5.Personalized Pop-Ups

A static, passive website does little to encourage visitors to stick around and interact with your content, but a reactive site could get them to participate.

  • One of the simplest ways to drive this sort of engagement is through the use of popups.
  • Popups create small moments of user interaction that encourage visitors of your site to explore more content, connect with you directly, and take various other actions.

6.Website Credibility

Add security seals and other elements to make your website look credible. With so many websites around, its difficult for visitors to identify which one to trust.

  • Research proves that visitors are constantly concerned about security risks, payment fraud while shopping online. So making your website look reliable is very important.

To conclude, the best solution to keep visitors engaged is bringing different elements together: Optimize your website’s speed, Proper use of Chat Widget over the site, Internal Linking Strategy, Mobile optimized website, Effective use of interactive pop-ups, Website credibility seals. If you have other tactics that have proven successful on your own websites, share your recommendations in the comments section below!

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