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Wordpress vs Wix, Choose the best

Posted in Technology Bites on Jan 04, 2020


Planning to Start Blogging???

Have you ever wondered, how to create a Blog/Website for FREE of cost???

which are the Best Blogging platforms???

Are there any sites that provide the FREE Website creation???

If you been popped up with all these queries, this article will solve all these for sure.

Yes, you can create your personal Blog/Website for FREE of cost. There are many blogging platforms yet this post tells you about only the 2 most popular FREE blogging sites.

WordPress and Wix are the 2 best Blog publishing platforms that let you create websites easily in no time. Both of these platforms are great with their own sets of features. Wondering which one is the best to fit your needs?

Let’s take a look at a head-to-head comparison between WordPress and Wix, we split our comparison into 13 categories:


An open-source platform used by millions around the globe to create stunning websites and personal blogs ease. Over the years, WordPress evolved into a full-fledged CMS platform furthermore it powers more than 45% of the websites online.

Anyone without coding knowledge can easily start a blog on the WordPress platform.


One of the famous All-in-one website building solution with a drag and drop options, best for blogging and creating stunning websites. Wix platform is easy to use, but less customizable. They also include hosting - so you don't have to set up a web host.

2 Best FREE Blogging Platforms: WordPress Vs Wix

Final Verdict

By now you might get a clear picture of the features and user-experience that Wix and WordPress provide. Ultimately, you should be the decision-maker between Wix and WordPress based on your needs and budget, as well as with the needs of your project.

WordPress: More flexible, even more, maintenance, on-demand support for developers community with the beginner's learning curve.

Wix: Drag and drop website builder with a bit higher cost and less flexibility.

Which side you’re on when it comes to deciding or judging between Wix and WordPress? Share your reasons with us in the comments section below!

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