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WHOIS Privacy Protection For Your Domain

Posted in Webhosting Tips on Dec 01, 2018


So are you thinking what is WHOIS? It is a query and response protocol which is widely used for asking queries to the databases which store the registered users or assignees of an Internet resource, such as a domain name, an IP address block , but is also used for a wider range of other information. WHOIS privacy is nothing but the domain privacy.

WHOIS privacy hides the domain registrants original details from the WHOIS database. Do you want to know the uses of WHOIS privacy protection????

So as you know exactly what is WHOIS privacy protection, it will be easy to understand its need. WHOIS is nothing but it is a public record which holds the entire information regarding the domain registration.

Domain Details are Protected

If someone wants to retrieve the information of the domain owner then he can directly search in the WHOIS. If you have acquired WHOIS privacy protection for your domain then all your details such as name, email, phone, address, business will be private and a generic details are displayed in the search.

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Block Unwanted appeals

If your domain details are not protected and your domain gets traffic then you can expect lots of unwanted appeals to your website. People will contact you for Follow backlinks or selling your Domain and so on. If you want to be away from all these unfavourable solicitations so better go for WHOIS Privacy Protection.

Protect Email Address

Your email address holds lots of sensitive information. So it is necessary to protect your email address. If your domain is not protected and your email address is public then anybody can see your email address and get access to that. So in this case, WHOIS Privacy Protection helps you.

Prevent Domain Stealing

It is quite obvious, if the person is not getting the thing he wants by appealing then he will try to steal it. So it is very important to prevent domain stealing. If your domain details are not protected then there are lots of chances of hijacking. To protect your domain from unwanted access, you should go for WHOIS Privacy Protection.

If you do not want to protect your domain then it is fine, it is not a compulsion. There are no rules to opt for WHOIS Privacy protection. But as compared to your domain details the investment you do on your privacy protection is very less.

Disadvantages of WHOIS Privacy Protection

Pay Extra Money

To protect your domain details, you need to pay additional money to the WHOIS Privacy Protection Provider. It will add an additional cost to your cart while buying hosting and related addons. Each domain provider will charge you differently.

This is not a big thing as you have to invest if you want your details to be protected.

Hold on !!!

ScopeHosts is providing FREE WHOIS DOMAIN Privacy Protection to their clients for a year.Now it's time to protect your personal information and reduce the amount of spam on your Domain.


Previous Unprotected Details

If the original domain owner did not opt for WHOIS Privacy protection then there are chances of getting the details from the internet. There are many tools available from which you can directly fetch the information regarding the owner and its transfer details. In this case even if you buy WHOIS Privacy Protection, still your details are not protected.

If you protect your details along with the domain registration then your details will be safe.

WHOIS Provider Is Trustworthy?

Are you sure about your WHOIS Privacy Protection Provider? Is it safe to trust them? It is very difficult to trust people these days. So there are chances that your your details are not safe with the protection provider. They might sell your details to the outsiders so be careful while choosing the WHOIS Privacy Protection Provider.

While choosing your WHOIS Privacy Protection Provider you should do little research such as their reviews and followers.Then decide whether to choose them or no. In this way you can find the trusted provider.

Company Reputation at risk

If your domain details are protected and if your customers try to find your details and they get some forge information then there are chances that your customer loses the trust they had in you. As you are hiding your details, your customers might feel that you are not genuine and you are hiding your details for some reason and they will not trust you.

This is not a difficult task to handle as you can inform your customers regarding the issues you will face if the domain details are not protected.

Bottom line-

For everything there are pros as well as cons but it depends on you how to tackle it. In this article we have discussed both the advantages as well as disadvantages. WHOIS Privacy Protection will keep your domain details protected from unwanted people. Don't risk unwanted attention. Shield your personal information by WHOIS Privacy Protection.

 **Don’t risk to ruin your ideal Domain from unwanted people.**

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