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Tips To Jazz Up Your Website For Christmas

Posted in Webhosting Tips on Dec 24, 2018


It’s the time for some Christmas shopping!!! BUT, don't you think it's too early??? NO. It’s not early but its late. People plan the Christmas one month prior and do shopping for their requirements and go for long trip. So it's never early.

Christmas is the most awaited season of the year. It comes in the last week of the year so it is very important to plan your business to increase the sales. All the online shoppers try to attract their customers in order to create christmas buzz. In order to attract the traffic in the christmas 2018, it is important to jazz up your Business website with Christmas theme.


Now let’s discuss the tips to jazz up your website for Christmas:

1. Plan your objective

In your website there will be multiple products and services. The first step will be to plan your objective. You should decide the best offers and deals. Before implementing the changes in the website, plan your main objective and prepare the offers.

You have created the offers based on your availability of the stock, but if the customer is not interested in that particular product? This is a very important part while creating the strategy for your business. You should make sure that the product and services which you have decided this christmas 2018 should be liked by the customer.

2. Dress up your website

Once you have decided the offers, the next step is to decorate the website with the theme. All the online websites are designed on their particular set of goals. Make sure that you are not missing your goal. So make the changes which are required to showcase your deals and offers and don't create the design which is irrelevant to your website.

Dress up your website.jpg

Just remember that you are including your business goal and christmas objective, both in the website.

3. Don't go overboard with website design

Design the website in such a way that your visitors will like the look. Keep it classy. Don't make your website look like a christmas tree full of lightings, balls, gifts hanging. Use the elements which are required.

4. Display offers and deals

The offers which you have decided for your website should reach the customers. Display the offers and deals in the website and highlight the coupon codes if you are providing. This will make sure that the offers are seen by customers and they will buy your product.

Display offers and deals.jpg

The offers should be self explanatory and don't confuse your customers. If the terms and conditions are complicated then your customer will not be interested in your products. Take care of this.

5. Christmas themed Pop up

Design a Christmas themed pop up and make sure that the pop up is not annoying. The pop up can offer additional discount for signing up email subscription which will increase your email subscription else new customer sign up offers or some additional offers for christmas.

Christmas themed Pop up.jpg

Pop up is the great way to create customer engagement if it is done in the right way. Ensure that your pop up is not disturbing people in browsing your website. So don't include the pop up in all the pages because each time they will visit a new page the same pop up will be reflected which is irritating. The pop up should be convincing and with less text. The pop ups with less text helps in customer conversion. Pop up should not load as soon as the visitor opens the website. It should take some time.

6. Create mobile friendly website

There are 25% system users and 75% mobile users according to a research. Making the website mobile optimised is very important. If the website is optimised considering the system only then your website ranking will be decreased. Make sure that the website is mobile friendly.


7. High loading speed

The loading speed is an important factor for creating customer engagements. Ensure that the loading speed of the website is fast. If the loading speed is slow then remove the unwanted parts of the website and keep the website loading high.

If you are offering great deals but the website is not optimised properly then you will not get any returns.

8. Christmas stuffed logo

The website logo is the branding factor. Make your logo christmas themed which will make your website visitors feel the christmas season. The logo depicts your business so dressing the logo in christmas theme will make the website look eye catchy and more relevant.

Christmas stuffed logo.jpg

9. Plan Christmas Giveaway

Giveaway drives lots of traffic so gift your customers free giveaway gifts. Create a landing page for the christmas giveaway and do marketing. This will make your customers happy and they will produce positive feeling towards your brand and tend to be more attracted towards your services.

Just creating a giveaway is not important but managing it to the last is very important. Make sure that you announce the winners of the giveaway so that other people will also be interested and they will be always updated on your product and services.

Plan Christmas Giveaway.jpg


All will do christmas changes in their website but the main thing is to be unique. The customers get more attracted towards unique things. So make sure that your christmas objective is very different from your competitors. Make sure that you keep all the points in mind about tips to jazz up your business for christmas.

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