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Top Answered questionnaires on Dedicated Servers

Posted in Promotions, Webhosting Tips on Nov 07, 2017


Dedicated Hosting or [Dedicated Server] is the High-End Web Hosting solution. Also most expensive Web Hosting Solution with Dedicated Server resources. This web hosting solution is chosen by the big enterprises to host websites or applications requiring huge server resources and which fetches high traffic on daily basis.

Let us help you know the top questions and appropriate justification about Dedicated Servers

1. What is Dedicated Hosting?

Let us quote Dedicated Hosting as the antonym of Shared Hosting. Because in dedicated hosting, the entire server and its resources is dedicated to the website or application hosted on that specific server, unlike the shared hosting where in the multiple apps or sites of shared clients share the server resources. Often clients with custom requirements go with Dedicated Servers to ensure high performance of their websites.

2. How does Dedicated Hosting works?

Think of Dedicated Servers as one big bungalow, where in the entire resources of that bungalow like parking slot, power connection, water connection and etc is being utilized by a single family dwelling there.

Similarly with Dedicated Hosting, only the sites and apps of a single owner of the physical server utilize the hardware and software of the server.

3. How VPS hosting differs from Dedicated Servers? In VPS hosting, the entire server is partitioned into multiple isolated Virtual Servers with the use of virtualization technologies like, OpenVZ, XEN and KVM. These virtual server environments act like a dedicated server provisioning the sole ownership to the VPS client. As well VPS hosting is quite cost-effective compared to dedicated hosting.

4. What are the pros of Dedicated Servers?

Main Pros of Dedicated Servers

Reliability is the main perk of Dedicated Servers. As you are not sharing server space with any other websites of other clients like the Shared Hosting, your website is safe and unaffected by the malicious activities.

Complete control over the server to custom any program configurations you wish to install.

Highly knowledgeable Web Hosting Experts of Scopehosts providing 24/7 Customer and Technical Support. Guaranteed Uptime is the main reason to choose dedicated servers for hosting high traffic websites.

Dedicated Server Resources is reserved to the website hosted on the server, as the sites hosted are high traffic sites needing complete utilization of the server resources.

Dedicated IP address to single user avoiding the issue of IP blacklisting due to IP sharing as that of Shared Hosting environment.

High Security, Customizability and Scalability are also the main perks of Dedicated Servers.

5. What are cons of Dedicated Servers?

The main disadvantage of using Dedicated Servers is the cost of dedicated servers. Dedicated hosting is the most expensive of all the web hosting services.

Now you are aware of the common facets of Dedicated Servers. Also know that Scopehosts is the leading web host providing highly configured Dedicated Servers with best security measures inclusive of DDOS Protection, Firewall Protection, SSL Certificates, Sitelock and more. Also you can demand for custom-made Dedicated Hosting solution with useful Web Hosting Addons.

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