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What to Choose – cPanel or Plesk?

Posted in Webhosting Tips on Sep 22, 2018


Many people who need Web Hosting services these days want the simplest method for managing there hosting services with little hassle and complication as possible. All most all the folks expect that graphical-user-interfaces (GUIs) are provided with their hosting account. The great news is that many of the hosting providers offering top-rated control panels with there services.

Basically, Control panels are web-based interfaces allowing Administrators and users to manage various server functionalities from the comfort of a web browser instead of the command line.

cPanel vs Plesk - Operating System

cPanel is availble to work on Linux servers and is currently incompatible with Windows. It is, however, compatible with with a wide range of Linux operating systems, such as CentOS, CloudLinux, BSD distros and Red Hat Linux.

Plesk, is more flexible, as it not only runs on Unix operating systems, but also Windows. Currently, it supports Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Server 2012, plus CentOS, Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, etc.

cPanel vs Plesk - User Interface

Almost cPanel and Plesk have some aspects in common, but they are organized differently. The 2 control panels have different approaches to organize the user interface.

Applications of cPanel are located on the Home page with the user-friendly icons, so users can find what they want easily.

In Plesk, applications are organized into sections with different applications on different pages.

cPanel vs Plesk – Performance

Generally, cPanel loads faster than Plesk.

One of the key reasons being, cPanel’s makers have spent time on optimizing the performance of the panel. This has been achieved by reducing the amount of RAM that cPanel needs,resulted in faster times for account creation and other server management tasks.


cPanel vs Plesk – Security

One and the other Plesk and cPanel are massively focused on security. Although the features are different, Plesk and cPanel both come with numerous security tools. Hence they both have SSL certifications, password-protected directories as well as IP-address denials.

cPanel vs Plesk – Setup time

Plesk is much easier than cPanel.

Plesk setup follows a repetitative approach and one needs to just keep on clicking ‘Next’ button.Moreover, it is easier to setup as it provides same login for end users and server administrators.

cPanel provides different logins for end users and server administrators so it might get confusing for first-time users.

cPanel vs Plesk – Cost

Plesk wins here as well.

It provides a lot of features, and options that too with a $10-$25 window a month, whereas cPanel does the same with $10-$50 /month. However, this differs from each service provider. But on an average, you will find that Plesk, on the whole, accommodates a lot of resources within a cost lesser than that of cPanel.

Final Note

cPanel and Plesk are the top server control panels. The best choice should be based on needs of a business- operating system, security needs, configuration of server and usability preferences.

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