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Cloud App - New Trend to use Cloud Applications

Posted in Technology Bites on Apr 28, 2015


Here comes the new trend of Cloud App. The App is completely dependent on User control and less storage Space consumption on Computer or any communicative device.It has fast tolerance and user can work offline. By this post we will know the Ease of  Cloud App from scratch.

Cloud App : 

The Cloud App is an application program that Works in cloud with some typical features of Desktop App and Web App. The desktop App is located Completely on a any communicative device or computer at user's location Where, The Web App is Truly resides on Remote server and provided over the internet through browser Interface.

It carry the basic features of desktop App , i.e, Fast tolerance and functions offline,  App need not to be maintained on local device and can update easily online like Web App. Since Cloud App is user control dependent and need not to consume most of the storage space on desktop or Communication device. When the user has Fast Internet connectivity, The Cloud App provides the desktop App total interactivity and Web App Compatibility .

Advantages :

  • Cloud App is user Friendly, operated on any device that connects to internet, Enable to work offline. The user can save the data locally so that the App can be used at the places where the Internet connection is disabled by offering some features to work offline for a longer time.
  • Cloud App allows the users to share the content like images, videos, Documents, Files, Folders and etc. There are many Cloud Application we normally use now, i.e, CloudApp, AppStore, AppEngine and etc. These apps are truly used to share Content, to get easy and fast installation of new and updated Cloud programs  and allows to develop own application and run Normally.
  • Cloud App is easy to setup, you need not to install , upgrade or downgrade it. All the applications are deployed from cloud are easy to learn  and user will get trail application for free to check the performance of an application.
  • Cloud App is reasonable for start-up clients.



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