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Role of Social media in Brand Awareness

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Oct 24, 2017


Want to boom your business online? Unaware of the tricks to trade? Get active on social media to zoom in the digital world. Social media, a strong platform to put forth your business views and ideas. Knock out your competition ONLINE via social media.

To outreach global clients for your business, sign up with social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, linkedin, etc. According to a survey held in January 2017, Facebook is the most used social media platform with around 1870 millions of active users, almost covering 18% of the market share. Social media being a platform to voiceless has successfully given an opportunity to voice out about one’s views.

Significance of Social Media Networking

1. Boosts Brand Cognizance

Regular posting on the social media platform, i.e socially selling your products will increase the brand recognition of your business. Social networking platform is the boon to get connected with millions of customers online provisioning a strong medium to your business services to roar digitally. Regularly posting on social media will enable the internet users to know about your business.

2. Lead Generation

When your brand reaches to millions of internet users with the aid of social media the probability of new signup’s to your business increases, thus results in augmenting the lead generation.

3. Fetches Traffic

Around 80 to 90% of the marketing experts profess that social media posting on daily basis fetches traffic to the website. Being regularly live and innovatively presenting yourself over social media has proved to be the key for more traffic.

4. Realize Customers Behaviour

Regular interaction with potential customers on social media assists in better understanding of customer insights. You can easily track the likes, dislikes and behaviour of customers towards your services. Customers can easily contact you over social media if any conflicts are encountered.

5. Website Ranking

As social media sharing is a great factor accounting for improved website traffic and lead generation, this boosts the search engine ranking of your website. Improved traffic and heavy backlinks due to regular posting will aid in elevating your site position in the SERP.

Now you know why social media is important for branding your business, as well know what social media platforms to be chosen for branding your business. Popping up of this question that what networking sites to be opted for branding the business is obvious.

Here are the most preferred networking sites for promoting your brand,

1. Facebook

With billions of active users, the facebook has become the sole medium for brand awareness campaigns. Join different communities specific to your niche to get reached to every potential customer.

2. LinkedIn

Sign up with LinkedIn to grow your professional network link. This media will help you to take your business to the corporate level.

3. Pinterest

For 3X effective lead generation than other networking sites go with pinterest. It is one of the fast growing social media platform with huge active users.

4. Twitter

To know the new social media trends and your competition thoroughly, twitter is the ideal option with positive impact on traffic generation to your website.

5. Instagram

If you an express yourself better via images, then instagram is the best app you can go with. You can creative images of your service to attract customers to your brand.

6. GooglePlus

Want to brand your business with technical perspective? To improve your business with respect to technical point of view then Googleplus is the ideal choice.

Get ONLINE with these social media outlets and stand out in this internet world booming your business.

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