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Stop Overlooking & Start Protecting your Website

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Nov 20, 2017


WordPress being the most widely accepted Content Management System has almost 76 million websites as dependents. The best attributes of WordPress like plugins, themes and what not makes it the most popular choice for blogging and websites.

However, WordPress Websites are prone to hacking more. According to a survey held only in 2012 total of 170,000 wordpress websites were hacked. Know what are the vulnerabilities causing wordpress website getting hacked easily,

  • Weak Password

  • Not so secured Web Hosting Platform

  • Vulnerable WordPress Plugins

  • Unshielded WordPress Themes

Online identity is a bigger aspect of every online business. Don’t let online invaders devastate your business. Be sure to consider the above mentioned points to secure your website to a level.

Understand how you can safeguard your WordPress from being hacked

  • Keep updating the WordPress themes and plugins whenever the new version is released. Because websites with older version of plugins, themes and widgets are most prone to attacks as the automated bots by hackers scan for such websites with not updated themes and plugins and easily gain control over such websites.

  • Subscribe with Web Hosts providing highly secured web hosting services with best security measures like DDOS Protection, Sitelock, SSL Certificates, Firewall Protection and more. Specifically for maintaining high security of WordPress websites you can go with Wordpress hosting by trusted web hosts.

  • Be sure to install plugins and additional addons from most reliable developers by checking the number of times the plugin and addon is installed.

  • Keep a complex as well long password with alphanumeric combination. A strong and unique password is the key to secure your website. Choose a random as well long password because password breaking programs can crack the password of kind DOB, phone numbers, and favourite movie names and so on in a minute. Hence avoid easy going passwords.

  • Restrain the login attempts to avoid the situation of brute force attack by the hacker, when he tries to crack the admin panel entry using several login combinations. Make sure to get the IP banned on continuous attempts to login into the admin panel by limiting login attempts.

  • Take weekly backup of your website data. This is helpful to restore the entire data if your website security is compromised. Whenever your website is updated, do not forget to take the full backup.

  • Do not keep the user name of admin panel as Admin. Keeping admin as user name makes hackers work is partly achieved and by several login attempts they can get entry easily to get your sensitive data. Hence keep a unique user name to your website.

Follow the above mentioned security measures to safeguard your WordPress website, as well check out for new updates of WordPress for ensuring absolute protection of your esteemed work.

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