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Treasury of Online Marketing Terms

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Nov 13, 2017


Are you new to this Online Marketing ambience? Puzzled with unknown Online Marketing terms? Unaware of how to put forth your ideas using the effective content inclusive of most used online marketing terms?

Generally when you are new to any of the industry you should make a habit to know all the important terms and aspects related to the specific industry, so as to avoid situation of being blind and deaf about the trends going on in that industry.

Here we are with set of most used Online Marketing terms to answer all your uncertainties with online marketing

  • Online Marketing: Mode of promoting your business through digital channel. Best way to reach out people around the globe to zest up your brand level by boosting the business sales.

  • Digital Marketing: Also known as Online Marketing. There are varied modes of digital marketing executed to improve the business profits and the modes are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Email Marketing and Content Marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Process of optimizing website so as to get the web pages of the website appeared at the top position of Search Engine Result Page when queried for a particular Keyword.

  • Social Media Marketing: Creating Social Media Networking profiles for business so that members of the network can share and tweet about the business services and products to boost business sales.

  • Social Media Optimization: Company online standard enhancer not only through social media platform as well through blogs, communities and forums of similar niche.

  • Search Engine Marketing: Marketing process to drive more traffic to website either organic traffic or traffic through paid ads.

  • Online Reputation Management: Controls company’s online reputation by monitoring mentions of company in online media.

  • Email Marketing: Best way to reach out people via sending direct email to market about business services and products.

  • Content Marketing: Creating and sharing of logically structured and relevant content to clearly attract potential customers towards our business.

  • Search Engine Results Page: Results page displayed when a searcher queries about a specific keyword.

  • Keyword: Terms used by search engine users when wanting to query about something online.

  • Onsite SEO: Onsite SEO or On-Page SEO, one of the SEO techniques to make website Search Engine friendly so as to get crawlers easily crawl the entire website.

  • Offsite SEO: Offsite SEO or Off-Page SEO, one of the SEO techniques to fetch backlinks to site by the use of link building techniques.

  • Backlinks: Term used in digital marketing to refer to the incoming hyperlink from other website.

  • Black Hat SEO: Method to boost web presence of website by use of techniques which are not in accordance to the rules set by search engine. Some of the techniques are Keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text and more.

  • White Hat SEO: Method to boost web presence of website by use of techniques which adhere to the rules set by the search engines. These techniques include use of high quality content, proper link acquisition campaigns and more.

  • Bounce rate: Percentage of site visitors leaving the site after viewing landing page of the site.

  • Exit rate: Percentage of site visitors navigating away from website after viewing any specific webpage. In a website every webpage has varied exit rate.

  • PPC: Pay-Per-Click is a technique to buy a visit to website rather than earning the visits through organic traffic.

  • Domain Name: Name of the organization website’s to locate that organization on internet.

  • CMS: Content Management System, a software application used to create and manage digital content.

  • Inbound marketing: Creation of tactics to pull people towards business services and products by sharing high quality innovative content.

  • Outbound marketing: The company reaches the consumers through face to face meeting and through media advertisement like TV advertisements, cold calling and etc.

Here you have list of possible terms used in Online Marketing. Also try to learn more on these terms in depth to master the online Marketing.

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