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Step into the Affiliate marketing

Posted in Marketing-Buzz on Oct 15, 2017


Want to build your own industry? Fell short of budget? Kick start with affiliate marketing to flourish successfully with your own business.

Unleash the potentiality of affiliate marketing with popularly growing affiliate program by choosing a perfect merchant whom you want to subscribe with. Get paid on successfully advertising your merchant’s services and driving of referral traffic to merchant’s website.

How to choose merchants for Affiliate marketing?

Opt the best merchant who offer their products across number of established markets benefiting referrers and affiliate marketers as well.

Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Be a successful affiliate marketer with different affiliate marketing campaigns

1. Cost Per thousand impression

In cost per thousand impressions or CPM the affiliate marketer or referrer gets paid on directing links and driving traffic to the merchant’s website. To get benefited here the affiliate marketer must know how to successfully fetch more traffic and advertise the products.

2. Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is similar to CPM, wherein the affiliate marketer is paid when unique visitor clicks on the link. Pay per click is popular due to the use of Google Ad-words.

3. Pay Per Sale

Pay Per Sale benefits the affiliate marketer only when the merchant gets a sale due to affiliate marketing. Usually there a percentage of amount fixed starting from 15% depending on the value of the product sold.

4. Pay Per Lead

Pay Per Lead is slightly varies from Pay Per Sale. In this case the affiliate marketer is paid when a new customer signs up with service provider and provide vital details, with a perspective that this lead is interested in the services and may seize a sale in future.

Sign up with any of these affiliate marketing campaigns to earn well online.

Want to know about Affiliate Agreement and Affiliate Link?

Affiliate Agreement is the protocol that both the affiliate marketer and the merchant agrees upon. It outlines the rules, responsibilities and other legal constraints.

Now Affiliate Link is the URL provided to the affiliate marketer by the merchant, with the help of this url the traffic and the sale by the marketer’s advertising effort is known.

An affiliate marketer has multiple responsibilities to run his business. He need to be a good digital marketer, SEO analyst, social media marketer and more.

Get connected with Scopehosts to get productive with affiliate marketing program. Scopehosts does not pitch any hard and fast rule that the affiliate marketer has to be a client of Scopehosts. Any marketer with potentiality of branding the merchant has the provision to be part of Scopehosts affiliate program.

Scopehosts provides affiliate program to all the affiliate marketer’s to start up with their own business by earning handsome amount of profit.

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